Ma Ville Essay

Later at university I read Simone de Beauvoir and Monique Wittig. Ruby Rich wrote about Akerman’s early works as ‘films of correspondence’, films that investigate correspondences between affects and objectivity, art and ideology, continuously folding the author within the text.I studied Linda Nochlin’s essay ‘Why Have Their Been No Great Women Artists? begins with establishing shots more frenzied than explanatory, as sound and image shoot up the side of the tower block, the lift, the stairs and land – as if in one breath – inside her kitchen.

French listening practice was on my mind this week!Every action in the film counts: cooking, eating, humming, brushing, dancing, laughing, washing, cleaning and taping; this is furious feminist work.‘I always did what I liked and what interested me,’ Akerman said.If you don’t wish to use the material for listening practice on ‘ma ville’, why not use the transcript and questions as a reading lesson for silent lessons or as cover lessons?My French GCSE students really loved it and really appreciated that the village mentioned in the audio, in Champagne-Ardenne is the twin town of Holbeach, a village near us!I remember being shown in my French A-level class, together with reading Marcel Proust, Guy de Maupassant and Jean-Paul Sartre; I was taught the male French literary cannon.I remember thinking: where are the women intellectuals, filmmakers, and artists?Comme batiments interessants, il y a la musee et la bibliotheque.Comme monuments historiques, il y a de vieilles maisons comme Smithills Hall, Turton Tower et Hall’ith Wood et comme magasins, il y a un centre commercial, trios centres commerciaux et des grands magasins comme M&S.Au centre ville il y a beaucoup a voir et a faire comme distractions: il y a des discos, de pubs, de bars , de cafes, des restaurants, un theatre qui s’appelle Octagon et un complexe de loisirs qui s’appelle ‘Albert Halls’.Samedi Dernier je suis alle au cinema, j’ai vu un film avec mes amis qui s’appelle Akheel c’etait fantastique et Vendredi prochain je vais regarder une piece de Shakespeare ‘Romeo et Juliet’ au theatre, ca sera super et fantastique.

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