Low Residency Mfa Creative Writing Rankings

We seek to provide a foundation from which students can continue to refine their craft and expand their knowledge of literature.

In addition, our program helps students develop lasting writing practices and processes while becoming part of a close community of writers that acts as a support system for years to come.

Dual-genre studies may also include work in the MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults program.

Students may also apply for a Cross-Discipline Semester that allows them to explore another genre without completing an additional thesis.

Our students tell us that the MFA in Writing program at VCFA has transformed them—that in two years they’ve evolved, redefined themselves, and found the tools they need to face the human experience head on and transform it into art.

Residencies allow students to spend time immersed in beautiful Montpelier, Vermont, summer in Slovenia, or winter in Cozumel, Mexico.

Cross-Discipline studies can include work in the MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults program. The MFA in Writing recognizes that writing approaches and styles are as diverse as our students themselves, and we value and encourage differences while emphasizing a common pursuit of excellence.

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Our fiction faculty has, as a whole, published work in every genre, and our aesthetic tastes are eclectic.

Students explore the self within the context of family dynamics and childhood, the natural world, travel, place, and spiritual, social and cultural issues.

We work with students individually to discover their most profound work in a safe and nurturing environment.

The semester’s main focus is creative work, supplemented by a substantial reading list and critical analysis.

Students engage remotely with their faculty advisors through monthly exchanges of creative and critical work and ongoing dialogue about their process and development.

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