Louis De Broglie Thesis

Louis did earn a degree in literary studies in 1910.But his older brother, Maurice, became a physicists and had the great good fortune of being able to attend the Solvay Conference where Albert Einstein and the other top physicists of the day debated the nature of reality in the formulation of Quantum Physics.Further experiments have held de Broglie's hypothesis to be true, including the quantum variants of the double slit experiment.

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His thesis was accepted and his doctoral degree granted.The de Broglie hypothesis showed that wave-particle duality was not merely an aberrant behavior of light, but rather was a fundamental principle exhibited by both radiation and matter.As such, it becomes possible to use wave equations to describe material behavior, so long as one properly applies the de Broglie wavelength.This would prove crucial to the development of quantum mechanics.It is now an integral part of the theory of atomic structure and particle physics.He volunteered for military service and spent the war years in Paris assisting in the development of wireless communication from the Eiffel Tower.After the War he entered a doctoral program in physics at the University of Paris.The resulting diffraction pattern matched the predictions of the de Broglie wavelength.De Broglie received the 1929 Nobel Prize for his theory (the first time it was ever awarded for a Ph. thesis) and Davisson/Germer jointly won it in 1937 for the experimental discovery of electron diffraction (and thus the proving of de Broglie's hypothesis).Maurice related those debates to Louis and so inspired Louis that Louis pursued a degree in physics.Louis began pondering the possibility that if the photon, the quantum of radiation, had a particle aspect as well as a wave apect then it might be that particles like electrons have a wave aspect. Louis completed a degree in physics but World War I intervened before he could devote himself to the pursuit of this bold idea.

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