Logic In Critical Thinking

Does it really matter and does it really help anyone?As a matter of fact, yes it does—and there are several good reasons to take the time to learn more about both topics.Questions which target purpose The question lays out the problem or issue and guides our thinking.When the question is vague, our thinking will lack clarity and distinctness.The most immediate and obvious benefit from such a study is that it can allow you to improve the quality of the arguments you use.When you create logically unsound arguments, you are much less likely to convince people that you have a valid point to make, or get them to agree with you.Logical thinking is thinking based on proven knowledge and information that is accurate and certain.Logical thinking is the basis of modern technology, and it is commonly referred to as left-brain thinking.

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While logical thinking is referred to as left-brain thinking, it actually governs the right side of the body and the right field of vision. Roger Sperry of the University of California performed a study in which he discovered that logical thinking perceives time and is the foundation for verbalization skills and analytical thinking.Critical Thinking is a system that is often misjudged as criticism, but rather it focuses on the ability to follow logical steps and arrive at a decisive and appropriate conclusion.With some careful and structured training, you too can become a more informed, reasoned decision maker.The question should be clear and precise enough to productively guide our thinking.Why bother to learn more about logic and arguments?By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.It is the foundation for visualization and perceives space as opposed to time.There are people who are perceived as left-brain thinkers and right-brain thinkers, and there are also people that are equally left-brained and right-brained in their thinking patterns.She has experience in teaching, communications, social media strategy and PR.Kadie is a freelance contributor for the Huffington Post and other online media platforms, where she writes on topics from tech to mental health.

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