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This present web page is modified from the Jones-edition, with an add-on This indexing/search system is prepared by Tze-wan Kwan and Chong-fuk Lau of the CUHK with Glimpse 3.0. Help with reading books -- Report a bad link -- Suggest a new listing Home -- Search -- New Listings -- Authors -- Titles -- Subjects -- Serials Books -- News -- Features -- Archives -- The Inside Story Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom ([email protected])OBP copyright and licenses. HUMAN KNOWLEDGE OF REAL EXISTENCES : SELF, GOD, AND OUTWARD THINGS Ixxxi vi. Medicine did not long absorb one whose temperament inclined him to a variety of interests. Although he never took a doctor s degree, he was in later life familiarly known among his friends as Doctor Locke. LOCKE AT OATES : CONTEMPORARY CRITICS OF THE ESSAY (1691- 1704) ... This juvenile essay is partly a plea for promoting a comprehensive national church, by restoring Christianity to its original simplicity, and thus removing occasion for nonconformity ; and partly a vindication of civil and ecclesiastical liberty, on the ground that it is fyolish to employ persecution as a means for producing reasonable beliefs. It anticipates principles on behalf of which Locke published elaborate arguments in after years, when toleration became his social ideal.

The modern disposition to free inquiry was finding its way into Oxford, although it was not recommended in the colleges ; and self-education was thus encouraged in a strong personality. His commonplace-books be tween his twenty-eighth and thirty-fourth year prove this. Locke early applied himself to questions of social polity, Investi- as well as to medicine. relations of Church and State, and above all the right and of social duty of political toleration of religious differences, were po lty revolved in his thoughts in those Oxford years ; always in sympathy with individual freedom, and in a spirit of prudential utilitarianism. CONNEXION OR REPUGNANCE OF IDEAS, A SECOND ELEMENT . HUMAN KNOWLEDGE OF IDEAS IN THEIR ABSTRACT RELATIONS cviii vin. But to the end he was- fond of the art of healing, and was ready on occasion to give friendly medical advice. HUMAN KNOWLEDGE OF IDEAS CO-EXISTING AS ATTRIBUTES AND POWERS IN PARTICULAR SUBSTANCES xcii vn. Besides, he inherited a delicate constitution, unfavourable to practice as a physician, and all his life he had to offer a prudent resistance to chronic consumption and asthma. PRINTED AT THE CLARENDON PRESS HV HORACE HART, PRINTER TO THE VMVKKS1TY Although increased leisure, gained more tlian two years ago, by release from t Jie public duties of the Edinburgh lecture-room, may have hardly compensated for abatement of strength in the evening of life, I have gladly devoted a portion of that strength to this labour of love in connexion with Locke ; in succession to the development of the philosophy of Berkeley in winch I was before engaged. PREPARATION FOR THE ESSAY : LOCKE S EARLY LIFE IN SOMER SET, OXFORD, AND LONDON (1632-70) .... PREPARATION OF THE ESSAY : IN LONDON, FRANCE, AND HOLLAND (1670-89) . This aptly expresses Locke s state of mind in these Christ Church years pulled different ways by divers tastes and ready sym pathies, but as yet without obviously deep, decided, and persistent intellectual purpose Descartes, amateur medical experiments, theological problems, social problems, inter course with men in public affairs, each in turn. This introduced him to life out of England and to business, but could hardly have been meant as a first step in a diplomatic career ; for after his return to Oxford, in Eebruary 1666, he declined to go to Spain, as secretary of the embassy pulled both ways by divers considerations, before he finally resolved. He was never a great reader, at least of philosophical books : he disclaims intimacy with the works of Hobbes, and Is silent about Gassendi. He was rejoiced in reading these, because, though he very often differed in opinion from this writer, yet he found that what he said was very intelligible; from whence he was encouraged to think that his not having understood others had possibly not proceeded from a defect in his understanding. The Hiiman Nature and Lcviat Jian of Hobbes, and the Syntagma Philosophicum of Gassendi followed, during Locke s undergraduate years. Locke has told me, Lady Masham writes, which gave him a relish of philosophical things were those of Descartes. OCKK HUMAN UNDERSTANDING BY JOHN LOCKE COLLATED AND ANNOTATED, WITH PROLEGOMENA, BIOGRAPHICAL, CRITICAL, AND HISTORICAL BY ALEXANDER CAMPBELL ERASER HON". UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH ^ fc NBLirr ^ ^ IN TWO VOLUMES \ PBOV, TOBQf JJM VOL. I desire in particular to tliank the Delegates, the Secre taries, and the other officials of flic Clarendon Press for their kindness, in the course of those critical reconstructions of Berkeley and Locke, during the last twenty-five years. CONTENTS OF THE FIRST VOLUME PROLEGOMENA, BIOGRAPHICAL, CRITICAL, AND HISTORICAL. PAGE EDITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS OF LOCKE S ESSAY xi (A.) BIOGRAPHICAL. All this came about through a meeting with Lord Ashley, soon after the celebrated first Earl of Shaftesbury, due to the accidental absence of Dr. Thomas had entrusted his friend Locke one day with the care of his patient, and the intercourse thus brought about between the versatile statesman and the Christ Church student, with his many-sided interests, ripened Into friendship. I.., OXFORD EMERITI S PROFESSOR OF LOGIC AND METAPHYSICS IN THF. In cadi undertaking I have been encouraged bv the countenance of the illustrious University, associated with the historic memories of many centuries, w Jiich has not forgotten that Oxford ivas the academic home of Locke, and the chosen retreat of the old age of Berkeley. GORTON HOUSE, HAWTHORNDEN, MID-LOTHIAN : February 9, 1894. An unexpected circumstance carried him into the political world of London, in his thirty-fifth year, so that for sixteen years of middle life his home was chiefly there, in the society of great wits and ambitious politicians, a man of affairs and of the world, without much undisturbed leisure.

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