Living In A Dormitory Essay

Apartment living requires you to cook for yourself, but if you are frugal, you can eat well on a small budget.

The majority of college dorms are shared bedrooms, so you will most likely have a roommate, plus several other roommates in your dorm unit.

Samar experienced many challenges while living in dorms. At the city of Abu Dies where Al-Quds University main campus is located, there are a lot of lighting problems; the electricity is disconnected most of the time.

Samar said “ However, electricity problem were a big issue especially during winter season, but now I am used to it, and my roommates and I are adapting ourselves to this kind of situations”.

In an apartment, students generally have their own bedrooms, but not always.

Apartments usually have a single bathroom, but you'd be sharing it only with your roommates.

You'll still be able to make lifestyle choices, but establishing a routine and putting your studies first is easier when ordinary household obligations don't interfere.

For example, when roommates have some cleaning issues regarding who cleans the kitchen, restroom, or other places in the dorm.

The solution might be setting up a schedule that states each ones turn in cleaning, this way the dorm will always be clean, and the roommates will not disagree anymore on this issue.

In the dorms, all furniture is provided, such as beds, sofa, tables, chairs and appliances.

An apartment may or may not be furnished, which means you have to buy what you need.

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