Live Business Plan Rental Property Business Plan Template

Live Plan helped me with having a template available to build my business plan upon.I thought writing a business plan would be something I would have to outsource and get help with.If you are a Xero or QB user you can link to get your actuals for comparison against plan, BUT proceed with caution.You cant undo the data import - everything needs deleting manually, and you cant choose which timeframe you import data for. So if your business has changed significantly and you only want say last six months dat you cant achieve this Pros: I really liked working with Live Plan to build a business plan.

Unfortunately it is limited to that time frame which disappoints because other than the time frame, just about everything else is customizable.

Pros: Live Plan is extremely easy to use and straightforward. Every aspect of a business plan can easily be addressed and completed with help from the software itself.

Everything has an explanation from profit and loss projections to real time profit and loss and that's just one feature.

Live Plan allowed me to take control of writing and creating my own business plan.

I love that I can change and expand my business plan at any time!

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