Little Thing Essay

Never let another person’s priorities become your own. As you look at your list, ask yourself what you can eliminate and what you can delegate.

Make sure everything on your personal to-do list is something that either satisfies you or brings you closer to your goals.

Positive emotions have been shown to be linked to good physical health.

According to some researchers people who experience positive emotions are likely to live longer, enjoy better immune functioning, and recover more effectively from treatment for heart disease.

Don’t spend your energy on things that drain you, but on things you enjoy that bring value to yourself and others. Watching the list of things you need to get done slowly grow is incredibly stressful.

So when something new comes along, substitute that task for one that’s not generating results.

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “Today I am a leader.” Leadership is earned, built and cultivated in small steps, with small things done successfully every day.There are many things we can do to enhance and increase the presence of positive emotions for us.Learning how to appreciate the little things in life is one good way.Those recording their daily blessings were found to do better in a range of measures of wellbeing including having a more optimistic view of one’s life, experiencing a generally more positive mood, showing a greater propensity to help others, and even exercising more.Developing skills in experiencing and expressing gratitude can help us connect with others.We are generally pretty good at marking the big moments in our own and others’ lives; birthdays, weddings, graduations, once-a-year family gettogethers.What would happen if we gave ourselves permission to celebrate the little things?Emily Dickinson once said, “If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.” So how do we take care of the little things so that the big things take care of themselves? When you’re busy, it’s easy for time to run away from you.Before you know it the day, week, month has passed.This information will help you with making the hard decisions and doing what is really important. Your time is your most precious resource; invest it well.Every minute spent on a task is one less minute of your life.

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