Literature Review On Water Pollution Stephen Hawking Research Papers

Pollutants It is a substance which when introduced into environment causes undesirable effects or spoils resources.Long or short term damage may be caused due to pollutant.When fecal water containing pathogens reaches under earth it makes it unfit for drinking.Pathogen polluted ground water may contain viruses, protozoa and bacteria and rarely in some cases helminth eggs.It is observed that when nitrates concentration exceeds above 10 mg/L (10 ppm) in ground water chances of blue baby syndrome increases [15,16].Excessive use of nitrate fertilizers can also cause water pollution because very small amount of nitrates is utilized by plants most of it accumulates in soil which later on reaches to ground water by leaching and contaminate it [17-21].

These pollutants accumulate in environment with the passage of time.

Point source pollution When source of water pollution is known or pollutants that are entering into water are from identifiable source like ditch, pipe industry, storm drain and sewage treatment plants etc. It can be distinguished from other pollution sources [8].

Non-point source pollution When source of water pollution is not known or pollution does not come from single discrete source pollution is known as non-point source pollution [9].

Due to water pollution pure water is becoming less scare day by day.

The biggest cause of water pollution is industrialization and increase in population.

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