Literature Review On Unemployment Essay On My First Day In School For Class 7

Therefore, it is at the core of DW, although not carried out under this label.Research regarding compensation systems revealed these have an impact on work motivation and perceptions of justice ().Knowing that a specific DW dimension is rated as high by workers from different countries might not mean that all of them have the same objective conditions, but that they perceive their own conditions in that dimension as high.Cultural aspects and economic conditions in different countries can justify possible differences between objective measures and subjective ones.Study samples consisted typically of workers from different sectors and countries.

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However, limitations were pointed out regarding these measures, and authors and politicians faced several obstacles, such as: (a) the different levels of economic, social, political, and national development ().Several concepts are closely related to these objectives, such as unemployment, work-life balance, career management, worker participation and compensation systems, to name but a few.Each of these concepts has a specific contribution to decent work and, taken together, form a valuable compass to guide the actions of social, economic and political agents.These measures were proposed within the fields of politics, economics, and law, at organizational, regional, and national levels, through indicators and indexes.The availability of those measures has resulted in a greater focus on poverty reduction and international alignment with the ILO’s development agenda ().Accurate knowledge of that possible dissemblance is relevant for theoretical development and for policy makers, practitioners in human resource management and others.Although some previous research in work, organizational, and personnel psychology has found important results for deeper understanding of the DW concept and its nomological network, the empirical research on the concept as a whole has not been subject to a literature review so far.Considering the concept as a whole allows us to see more accurately the interactions among the various dimensions of DW and relate the DW condition with other constructs that are relevant to people, as mentioned above.Furthermore, the scientific endeavour is both an analytical process that decomposes the components of the phenomena and necessary to integrate the partial findings regarding the components to reach understanding of the phenomena as a whole.Decent work is the sum of people’s aspirations in their working lives.This article aims to report the results of a systematically conducted literature review of empirical research concerning decent work.

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