Literature Review On Solar Energy Essay S For High School Students Scholarship 2012

Feel free to contribute or help in any way possible. The politics and policy of energy system transformation—explaining the German diffusion of renewable energy technology [WWW Document].

“Survey of photovoltaic industry and policy in Germany and China.” [WWW Document].

The diverging paths of German and United States policies for renewable energy: Sources of difference [WWW Document].

Renewable energy and employment in Germany [WWW Document].

The underlying point of this review is to gather and understand all the policies, initiatives, and programs that the German government has employed in order to push solar energy. Müller: A fundamental reform of the EEG is a core responsibility for the new German Federal government for 2014 [WWW Document.

The hope is that strong parallels can be made in order to recommend actions that the United States can take in order to produce the best climate for solar energy. Policy differences in the promotion of renewable energies in the EU member states [WWW Document].

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