Literature Review On Fast Food

This view is also supported by Neal and Questel (2006) stating that need recognition occurs due to several factors and circumstances such as personal, professional and lifestyle which in turn lead to formation of idea of purchasing.In the next stage, consumer searches information related to desired product or service (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007).Purchasing decision can further be divided into planned purchase, partially purchase or impulse purchase as stated by Kacen (2002) which will be discussed further in detail in the next chapters.Finally, post-purchase decision involves experience of the consumer about their purchase.Analysis of five stages of consumer decision making process indicate that impact of family members on the consumer decision making process of purchasing imported health food products was significant.The author further explains this by the fact Chinese tradition of taking care of young and old family members have long been developed and marriage is considered to be extremely important in Chinese tradition.The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of previous experience on buying behaviour of fresh foods, particularly mussels.

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In other words, once the consumer recognized the need, searched for relevant information and considered the alternatives he/she makes decision whether or not to make the decision.Once the relevant information about the product or service is obtained the next stage involves analyzing the alternatives.Kotler and Keller (2005) consider this stage as one of the important stages as the consumer considers all the types and alternatives taking into account the factors such as size, quality and also price.Another study conducted by Variawa (2010) analyzed the influence of packaging on consumer decision making process for Fast Moving Consumer Goods.The aim of the research was to analyze the impact of packaging for decision making processes of low-income consumers in retail shopping.A survey method has been used in order to reach the research objectives.In a survey conducted in Star Hyper in the town of Canterville 250 respondents participated.One of the common views is that understanding consumer behaviour has become a factor that has a direct impact on the overall performance of the businesses (Kotler and Keller, 2012).Another view suggests that understanding consumer behaviour has become crucial especially due to fierce competition in retail industry in the UK and worldwide (Lancaster et al, 2002).Although different researchers offer various tendencies towards the definitions of five stages, all of them have common views as they describe the stages in similar ways.One of the common models of consumer decision making process has been offered by Blackwell et al (2006).

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