Literature Review On Education

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Literature Review Service.Some of the reasons given for not using contraceptives include lack of access to services, carelessness, unplanned sexual intercourse and pressure from sexual partner. The study indicates that young people engage in sexual relationships at an early age without protection or with unsafe non-conventional methods. It means they are able to answer on an average 8 questions out of 25 total questions before PTP pre adolescents girls are having more than 70% knowledge on all aspects of puberty, the overall percentage of post test knowledge on different aspects of puberty after the planned teaching program, on an average adolescent girls increased 80.71% of knowledge after the planned teaching programme regarding puberty. M., (2009) conducted a study to assess the reproductive health knowledge, attitude and practice among high school students in Bihar Dar, Ethopia. This study was carried out to investigate the reproductive health knowledge, attitude and practice of high school students in Bihar Dar, Ethiopia.

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Neelam mann., (2010) conducted a study to assess the effectiveness of a planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding puberty among pre adolescent girls in Vijaya English school at Hassan, In that study shows percentage of knowledge in each aspect puberty such as anatomy and physiology, characteristics of puberty, menstrual hygiene and sexually transmitted dieases, before planned teaching programme. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

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This literature review explores how education can contribute to ending child poverty.

The study reviews evidence on whether education in childhood and youth improves a person’s chances in adulthood, and what the effects are of adult learning.

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