Literature Review On Conflict Management

Econometrics forming Natural Resources Management: Selected Empirical Analyses.

Territory, river, and maritime claims in the western hemisphere: Regime type, rivalry, and MIDs from 1901 to 2000.

Alliance formation and the timing of war involvement.

Stakeholder Dialogues in Natural Resources Taylor, LK and JP Lederach. Practicing Peace: Psychological Roots of Transforming Conflicts.

D., Sean Byrne, Ingrid Sandole-Staroste and Jessica Senehi.

Territory, contiguity, and international conflict: Assessing a new joint explanation.

This work aims at investigating conflict in Ambient Intelligence systems, namely those supported by HBAS.

The study of intragroup dynamics in management studies views conflict as a contingency process that can benefit or harm a group based of characteristics of the group and context.

Relations in public: Microstudies of the public order, London: Penguin.

Hensel, Paul R (2001) Contentious issues and world politics: The management of territorial claims in the Americas, 1816–1992.

Conflict Resolution in Natural Resources and Teritorial Disputes ‘could’ mediate without any intervention from International Commitee, however that process ultimately oriented to empower legal mechanisms other than court proceedings.

Thus, expected does happen to win-lose solution if it occurs when a problem is always brought to court. Internal and external dynamics of spoiling: A negotiation approach.

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