Literature Review On Autism Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Practice Tests

One in every 110 Americans is thought to have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).This means that 2.8 million Americans have already been diagnosed with ASD (Johnson, Frenn, Feetahm & Simpson, 2011, p. In the last 20 to 30 years, we have witnessed a considerable increase in the number of Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses.However, if a child within a family is diagnosed with autism, the chances for another child in the same family to be diagnosed with autism increases by between 2 and 8 percent (Hall & Graff, 2011, p. Even as professionals and researchers try to identify the cause(s) of autism, we need to help children who have already been diagnosed with autism and their families as well.Since autism is incurable, its diagnosis might bring about serious problems to the family affected.The report examined eleven male children who had unusual but similar behavior patterns.

The literature review was prepared for the APA DSM-IV Advisory Group on Pervasive Developmental Disorders.For example, ritualistic and self-isolated behaviors are linked to poor parental outcomes, holding any external behaviors constant.One of the mechanisms used by parents of an autistic child to cope with the stress is the adoption of coping strategies.The objective of this literature review is to assess the validity of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).Twenty papers were identified that adequately investigated the internal or external validity of various subtypes of ASD.Autism does not present with a clear etiology and as such, family members of children characterized by developmental disorders tend to report greater stress (Browska & Pisula 2010, p. Also, an autistic child may appear “normal” physically while the symptoms hidden in therein.Majority of the autistic children normally appear to be very attractive and as such, an outside observer may not be able to realize that such a child suffers from a disability at first glance.In addition, it can also prevent such families from participating in such non-routine activities as holiday activities, birthday parties, and community outings (Manning et al, 2011, p. As a result of these challenges, families with autistic children may end up isolating themselves socially from other families with non-autistic children.Such isolation may result in increased depression and low self esteem among the parents of an autistic child.The same case also applies to their parents and caregivers (p. Bleuler coined the word “autism” in 1911, while Leo Kanner published the first clinical report on autism in 1973.In his report, Kanner sought to shed light on the cause of autism and how it affects the behavior of children.

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