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Quality assurance was addressed through careful searching and analysis and by a review of a draft document by local and international experts in the field.

The review systematically examined the evidence regarding transition to school.

The Review includes research reports, related publications and unpublished research studies such as academic theses that are solely about Pacific education issues, as well as some for which Pacific education is a component.

In addition to identifying the current range of information and findings related to Pacific education issues, this study is intended to contribute towards the identification of research topics which the Ministry may investigate as part of the initiatives aimed at improving achievement and reducing disparities for Pacific students.

Overall, the research ranged from very small case studies to large-scale longitudinal studies.

Some theoretical literature was included to deepen the critical analysis.

These included selected research studies on education in Pacific countries and on education for migrant Pacific communities or indigenous communities in metropolitan countries other than New Zealand.The focus was on what successful transitions to school look like, the factors that play a role in how well children transition from ECE to school, and the ways in which children can be supported by teachers and families to transition as successfully as possible.Author(s): Sally Peters, The University of Waikato, Report for the Ministry of Education.This in order to provide its members with valuable information about those issues for Pacific education which have been researched, and those which have not.The broad aim of this study is to identify and review existing research on Pacific education issues across the whole of the education sector and including those involving Pacific communities.The selection of literature drew primarily on work published between 2004 to mid 2009, with particular attention to New Zealand literature, and research in “broadly similar” countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.Systematic searches of library and web databases were supplemented by drawing on personal networks to find relevant information.Drawing on the literature located as well as resources related to their own teaching and research experience, each of the research team reviewed literature relevant to the allocated sub-sector and developed a sub-sector chapter and accompanying list of references. For each sub-sector, research findings about the broad themes of access, participation and outcomes were sought, as were those to do with educational issues such as languages and literacy, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, school and classroom management, governance, school/community interactions, research approaches and processes, and ethnicity /gender/social class complexities. Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.The selection of overseas literature on transitions was based on work that appeared most relevant to the research questions.Consideration of international literature has to take account of the different starting ages, enrolment practices and ethnic composition of school entrants compared to New Zealand.

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