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Jones circulates, listening and eliciting connections to the novel's social and historical context.Literature Circle Roles The narrator and discussion director develops questions about the text's "big ideas." For example, the director might ask, "How did you feel while you were reading this part of the book?In Laina Jones's class, for example, a student asks the group what they think "linoleum" might mean.The illustrator draws something related to the reading -- a sketch, cartoon, diagram, flow chart, or even a stick figure scene." or "What do you think the most important parts were?" Laina Jones tells her students to remember that a discussion director should ask "open-ended" rather than simple "yes/no" questions.

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In the exploration of The Watsons Go to Birmingham -- 1963, the students change roles each time the groups meet.The summarizer writes a short précis of that day's reading.It should contain the main ideas and/or the most important moments.It’s so powerful that many teachers have book clubs in their classroom. Literature circles are small groups of students who meet to discuss the same book.The discussion guides students to a deeper understanding of the text. The opportunity to choose their own books and discuss them with their classmates helps our learners develop a love of reading.Though both of us had started our careers with older learners, we loved our young students – and we constantly sought out ways to improve our teaching.But we also knew that our content knowledge was taking a hit.Most of our school days focused on teaching literacy and math – not high level social studies and science concepts.To make sure we kept learning about the world around us, we created our own private book club – the Anna-Kate Book Club.In Laina Jones's class, a student draws a scene from The Watsons Go to Birmingham -- 1963 where the father punishes his son by shaving the boy's head.Though the literature circle process begins with assigning students specific roles to follow, most of the students will internalize the roles after practice.

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