Literature And Creative Writing

It will also cover a variety of related academic skills.

Topics covered in the module include: phrasing for clear meaning; building sentences that work; selecting an appropriate tone and register; structuring paragraphs logically; developing your style; organising ideas; planning a first draft; revising and editing; proofreading.

You'll have the opportunity to explore how they've been adapted, modified and reformed in later periods and across cultures.

You'll also have the chance to explore literary conventions and innovations, along with concepts and terms used in the analysis of literary texts.

With our own publication house, Grist Books, and our strong links to the Huddersfield Literature Festival, we can offer our students unique opportunities to get published and gain career experience.

You'll be introduced to literary texts which represent the established genres that form the foundation of Western literary tradition.

This will be recorded as part of a portfolio of work.

This module introduces you to the principle craft techniques and methods in producing creative work in specified forms and conventions.

Some just want to be better writers, others wish to gain insight into the writing process so they can understand the world of literature more profoundly.

In this module you will develop skills in contextual analysis relating to two different topics in literary studies.

You will analyse digital resources, evaluate the arguments of a range of literary critics, and present your own arguments and ideas in a written essay and an oral presentation.

Then there are those who want to go on to great things. Whether you are writing for yourself, or writing to be the next bestseller, we can help you hone your craft.

Our students have gone on to be published by some of the biggest publishers in the industry, such as Harper Collins and Little, Brown Book Group.

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