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And it might seem like the number one advantage of submitting for publication would be getting paid.

Unfortunately, the primary benefits of publishing in literary journals are not financial.

A month after your suicide, when I’ve quit fearing a return to routine would mean I never loved you, I restart my daily swims at the university aquatic facility. Fitness, eleven-feet deep, where recent high school swim stars flash down cool-water lanes, chlorine-bleached hair tucked... Really, we drove out because we wanted to be in the storm. She’s around my age, it looks like, which means she is more old than young.... Customers prefer “meat cutter” because they associate “butcher” with “slaughter” and therefore “cruelty.” My father was not a certified butcher.

I’m on the elevator alone for one floor before the man gets on. The usual thunderstorm things happened: rain blowing in on us, which was a refreshment at first, then a call... The oil sizzles, a spray of bubbles rippling across the pan, then the flour-coated chicken dropped in, first a thigh, then a leg, a breast, a wing, another leg, the hiss and sputter of crisping, edges ruffling, browning, the juices drawn in as a hand deftly turns and shifts the... He learned the trade working with his brother in grocery stores when they were young. It’s easy to disparage the listicle, that pseudo-article in the form of a list, that caterer to our tweeting, text-messaging, sound-biting, multitasking culture.

It’s the mode not of cause-and-effect but of oh-and-another-thing. You walked to the front of the sanctuary to pick up your award—a Snoopy bank. Waving a lit wand of incense for her altar Her: How’re the kids? In my dreams, I catch her before she falls, the first fall in her apartment down the road from our house, when I’m a thousand miles away at a residency and have to rush home on the desert freeway, smoking a hundred Kools on the way. Invariably, at the grocery store where I buy avocados, clementines, and Lucinda’s beloved pork breakfast sausage, some stranger will ask, “Is she your only child? Is it the way I narrate our grocery trip, the questions I pose about the ripeness of bananas,... My grandmother slumps against the arm of the sofa, eyes half-closed, sinking down, down, down. The woman in the apartment on my left has her head drooped low and an arm weighed down by a yellow watering can spouting all over the clay pots that line the metal bars of her terrace.

The pastor thanked you for recruiting the most friends to attend Vacation Bible School, a week of stories and songs about Jesus interspersed with games of Red Rover and Duck, Duck, Goose. In the last few months of her life, when she could no longer get out of bed without falling, my mother told her nighttime caretaker that she had contemplated throwing herself from the subway platform into an oncoming train. The tips of her fingers graze the floor, and she moves them about, grasping at some hidden thing she keeps secret. If she had fuchsia pink hair, she would look exactly like the hibiscus... In our Craft Section, Joy Castro explores the slow-dancing, inseparable relationship between fiction and nonfiction, while Randon Billings Noble defends “themelessness” in assembling an essay collection.

Literary magazines exist to showcase writings (and sometimes artwork) that would otherwise be unable to reach an audience.

You can bet your library card there are some very good reasons!

But is it more advantageous to try to get your work into print than to see it posted online?

In the old days, print publications had a certain cachet that start-up Internet literary magazines could only dream of.

The confession didn’t surprise me, just the scenario. I was a child once, and had no concern for cash but did, and still do, have a compulsion towards coins. A coin is kind of magic, how any circle charms the human eye: halo, hollow, sun. Characters Me: Divorced Him: Interested Her: Uninterested Act 1 Over tequila shots in my triangle shaped house Her: Zzzzzzz Him: She made a list. Issue 61 features a range of startling, melancholy, angry, and funny flash from Och Gonzalez, Gordon Grice, David L. Readers, writers, teachers, and students can find essays and craft-focused discussions under a number of different headings: traditional subjects, such as aging or nature; varying modes and subgenres, such as the profile or meditation; as well as various techniques and literary conventions, such as dialogue and diction.

welcomes submissions of poetry, fiction, book reviews, articles, essays, non-fiction, and translations from teachers and professors of literature; poets, novelists, playwrights, actors, and directors; translators, journalists, critics, editors, and publishers; and all other serious students of literature.

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