Listhesis Of L5-S1

The vertebrae slip forwards without a fracture present.The slippage is related to chronic spinal segment instability due co-existing pathologies such as degenerative disc disease or facet joint arthritis (spondylosis).

You may also be prescribed gentle stretches to improve your posture and help to reduce your back pain or leg symptoms.

For advice specific to your spondylolisthesis, please consult with your physiotherapist.

Call Physio Works Book Online As you begin a physiotherapy treatment regimen your physiotherapist may prescribe manual therapies or other pain relieving techniques to reduce your pain and muscle spasms.

Your physiotherapist may order X-rays of your back.

A CT scan or MRI scan can show a fracture or pars defect more clearly, plus exclude other potential pathologies such as malignancy, infections or spinal stenosis.

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