Lions International Youth Exchange Scholarship Essay Competition 2013 How To Solve Technical Problems

Europe also means diversity and friends from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.As a YEA, I am every day communicating and cooperating with young people.My education based on critical thinking, global life experiences and love substantiate my drive to ignite the change.On the principles of equality, solidarity and fairness, I promote reciprocal respect and freedom as an actor on stage with my theater-ensemble BAZAAR EUROPA, as a referee on the football field and now as a Young European Ambassador.I am interested in gaining insight into the theoretical basis of development cooperation.I was part of the International Legal Research Group on Migration Law as a National Academic Coordinator.

Moreover, I am currently doing an internship at the United Nations Office of Azerbaijan.

Only together we can effectively combat global warming, violent conflicts and exploitation.

I am showing leadership by taking full advantage of my privileges to empower others to take action.

I see myself as a European citizen in a global world, which, I hope, helps me to be more open-minded and appreciative of beauty.

I am studying International Studies at ADA University and am working as part of the British Council's exam team in Azerbaijan.

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