Life Of Pi Story Telling Essay

Although, it is not just Pi who requires these illustrious and fictious parables to enrich his life and ensure his survival.

It is Martel who uses Pi as his protagonist to convey his message on the lack of colourful stories in the ‘dry’ of the modern, science focused, world.

With a novel as dislocated as this, where the author and author’s note is just a fictional pretend journey of Pi, the only thing left is the reader’s extraction of ideas, diverged from the tales of the various narrators.

It is the stories that Pi tells himself that allow him to ultimately complete his journey from the sinking of the Tsitum to Mexico.

As to the other end coming on quite quickly, that made sense to me.

Hi, I just wanted to do a statistical survey of people who read Life of Pi.

Which story did you believe: the one with the animals or the one without animals?

:-)k4k ETA: I should have been more precise in my language and say that animals are part of our physical world and gods are not. I loved the book, and I don't think it matters which story you think is true.

I don't mean to imply that gods or God is not real. Having said that, I thought the second story was true, but it is so sad and hard to deal with, that Pi used the first story as a coping mechanism.

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