Lent Economics Extended Essays

This is your chance to choose a subject that you enjoy studying and mould a question to your interests, so take this opportunity to find a question that is brilliant for you.Secondly, we recommended that you choose a subject that you currently study, as your prior knowledge can be extended and applied to a specific area within this field.During the meeting, it is also worth establishing a timeline for your extended essay project.

However, we hope to help you tackle this first taste of research by breaking down the key components, step-by-step. Choosing a topic for your extended essay can be a key decision, but, do not worry, we are here to offer some advice that will help you feel confident when picking your topic.

Therefore, try and shape your question so that more than one point of view can be taken.

Number 2 is more focused than number, allowing for greater in-depth research into which areas they are competing over.

These should show that you are engaged with your topic, so discuss the ideas you have considered in response to setbacks whilst writing your extended essay and make sure to use personal pronouns (I, my) to convey your engagement.

Detail any changes you made to your research method and demonstrate how you have taken a creative approach to your topic, as these will highlight what Following the meeting with your supervisor, it is time to begin researching your topic!

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