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I felt I had no way to cherish his memory and keep him living on. If only my family and a few close friends knew him, what would happen to his legacy when we are all gone?

This is when I believe stories of good deeds don’t cut it when attempting to make a personal connection.

Although I know my father was a good man, these stories aren’t what help me keep his memory alive.

There are times when just putting on a Beatles song makes me feel entirely more connected.

I am not in the music making for money, or fame, because the money and fame does not last forever, but the music and positivity will live on with people to remember the way I could have changed there life, or I could have helped them out of a problem.

I want to know that I did something big and I touched many people’s lives.— Kaiden Forbes, Oxford Middle School I want to be remembered as a leader.

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I just hope that I am able to share the kindness that others have shown me through my actions and words.— Abby Bowker, Hoggard High School, Wilmington NCBeing a sophomore in high school we are not only being asked, “ What do you want to be when you grow up,” but we are also being asked, “How are you going to make a difference in this world?Being a leader is the most important aspect of my life and going down in history as one would be an acceptable legacy.Legacy tends to never be the actions of one man, but rather the actions that causes others to join the cause …quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upscale"/If you read our Current Events Conversation regularly, you know that one thing we love to see is students talking to each other in the comments section.It’s an excellent way to practice your civil discourse skills, learn about people who are different from you and connect with other teenagers from all over the world.Not only will care and love them but I want them to look up to me.Although it would be cool to be famous or have some type of revolutionary invention, that is not what I value most.C., did on our Student Opinion question, “Should the U. ”• Ask questions to push the conversation further, like sowda mohamed from Minnesota did on our question, “Should We Abolish the Death Penalty?”• Leave a note on the comments that speak to you and tell the writer why, like Kate Schaefers from Minnesota and Kara from Hawaii did on our prompt, “What Legacy Do You Want to Leave Behind?Growing up, there were times when I felt lost, realizing all the connections I should have had with him that I didn’t.I don’t have any memories with him, only stories of him told to me by my grandmother. To me, his life had been snuffed out too quickly; he had left nothing behind but his family.

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