Leaf Shaped Writing Paper

This week was another book that was new to us but we still had a lot of fun with.In case you missed it last week, each week we pick a new book and share an activity to go along with that book.This activity could include a craft, sensory play, writing, cooking, science, etc.And with so many amazing co-hosts (and hosts), you have so many ideas to choose from!In the second part of this lesson, students will become more familiar with the seasonal changing of leaves.They will realize that these and other changes repeat themselves, and that these patterns of change are called cycles and are part of our environment.Please note that the website used in this lesson has an "Audio Enhanced Version" as well as a "Graphics Only Version." For students who are not yet reading, the audio enhancement will allow them to go through the site with more independence.

We are back again for another fun and exciting week with the Virtual Book Club for Kids!Like a lot of the arts and crafts that we make, I try it out by myself the first time.This helps me practice, irons out any potential problems and gives my son an idea of what we are aiming for.Collages don't have to be made from paper scraps.Help your child get creative with a small pile of leaves from your yard or local park.I applied a glue stick to the inside of the leaf outline and F carefully placed all the punched leaves.As predicted, he didn’t fill the outline but that’s OK – I like his version too!Experiment with different leaves and different combinations. A collage with just a few leaves or a collage that is almost all leaves?Display your child’s gallery of leafy creatures to show off her creativity.I started punching out leaves from the various different paper.The leaf punch was super tiny, so it took a LOT of leaves to fill the leaf outline. However, for F to try this I knew that I needed a bigger punch, a smaller outline, or accept that he probably would get bored before he filled the whole thing. In fact he was very happy punching out leaves, and probably did about 40!

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