Leadership Dissertation Questions

With the growing complexity of the business environment, employees are continuously provided with a wider range of responsibilities and duties. (2016:1), managers tend to give their subordinates the instruments and resources necessary to make independent decisions in the workplace.

However, the effect of employee empowerment on workers’ satisfaction with their job remains under-researched.

In accordance with the stakeholder theory, companies engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to fulfil their duty to the society and environment (Terouhid and Ries, 202).

In turn, the shareholder theory implies that the only real obligation of any business is to make profit (Wang et al., 204).

For this purpose, primary quantitative data is gathered from 100 workers of large retailer chains in the UK.

On the basis of the produced outcomes, this study concludes on whether the traditional model of reward implemented by large retailers is sufficient to effectively retain their employees.

On the basis of the acquired knowledge, the researcher formulates a set of recommendations as how to achieve a higher level of job satisfaction in the service sector.

The emergence of social media has revolutionised the way in which consumers search for goods and services.

Employee motivation is considered as an important human resource management (HRM) construct, which explains individual behaviour in the workplace.

Reward management can be viewed as a set of policies and strategies designed to reward employees fairly for the value which they bring to their employer (Prouska et al., 2059).

Using the retail sector as a background, this project attempts to identify the degree to which financial and non-financial rewards influence a level of workers’ morale and willingness to stay with their current employer.

Recent studies indicate that diversity strongly correlates with organisational performance (Ntongho, 204).

However, managing diversity in the workplace is a challenging task and organisational culture is considered as an effective tool that helps companies take advantage of diversity.

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