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Two well-studied sets of problems are termed P — those that can be solved quickly — and NP, which have solutions that can be checked quickly, but not necessarily found quickly.

Graph isomorphism is known to be in NP, which contains some problems that are believed to take a long time to solve.

He adds that it seems as if answering this fundamental question should be simple, but the best theoretical approaches have not developed much since 1983.

Computer scientists often study the complexity of an algorithm: how long it takes the algorithm to solve a problem or verify that a solution is correct.

However, in case your paper is accepted 'as is' without the need for any corrections then it would be better to have the La Te X file also - in which case you will not be required to resubmit.

Take your best call whether to upload the La Te X file for your paper in the first go itself.

Use the style files of IJDM to ensure you follow the typesetting guidelines of the journal before submitting to it. Ensure that the \author tag is used in the to list all the authors in the header of the paper.

Some projects may also provide scope for you to propose your own ideas and approaches.

Self-Funded Ph D Students Only This project does not have funding attached.

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