Kumon Business Plan

(May 2, 2016) – Kumon, the world’s largest after-school math and reading franchise, has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a 2016 “Best of the Best.” Earning a coveted spot in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 is an achievement of its own, but being ranked at the top of its industry category for 18 years, 15 of them consecutively, is an impressive accomplishment for the award-winning franchisor.“With more than 58 years of experience, Kumon continues to prove that it’s a time-tested learning method that helps children reach their maximum potential,” said Joe Nativo, Vice President of Finance at Kumon North America.LEARN MORE ABOUT THE KUMON READING PROGRAM LEARN MORE ABOUT THE KUMON READING PROGRAM Kumon is a structured, proven self-learning program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently.The key to Kumon Programs is the individualized instruction, carefully planned by an instructor.While advancing in the program and achieving new successes every day, children learn, flourish and build self-esteem. Kumon has a massive global footprint with more than 26,000 franchise units worldwide; 2,100 of those being in North America and 1,500 in the United States, making it the fourth largest franchisor in the world.The Math and Reading programs at Kumon were created to build this important strength, with each progressive lesson.Kumon shows children how to conquer challenge after challenge; that’s the key to starting on the path to achievement.

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Self-confidence in a student is priceless – and the earlier it begins, the stronger it can grow.

Kumon parents find their children performing above grade level, which increases educational opportunities and can open up a new world of advanced and gifted schooling.

Kumon knows book learning is a pillar of student success – but other factors can boost academic skills to new levels.

The worksheets can propel your child on a lifelong reading journey, where improved vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and interpretation become an asset throughout school, and beyond.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE KUMON READING PROGRAM LEARN MORE ABOUT THE KUMON READING PROGRAM Through middle school and high school, the Kumon self-learning method helps develop critical skills such as analysis and evaluation of evidence.

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