Knocks Woody Allen Essay

We will transform the theatricality of the musical structures in (stage) design.We will make use of the features of , in acting style as well as in staging.Woody Allen's play is situated in the (Jewish circles) of New York. Some aspects of his text get lost for a contemporary Dutch audience, because it evokes no, or other associations. The fact that Jost's characters sing, is - especially for a text by Woody Allen - a serious intervention.Allen often seems to let his characters chat endlessly, but under that nervous flood of words an undercurrent of lonelyness and impotence becomes tangible.Woody Allen portrays death as a funny and humorous character.In the way death acts out, he is seen as very friendly contrary to the real life situation.Because the music slows down the text and the words are being pronounced more ém-phá-tíc, they loose that typical 'Allen-brilliance'. Two worlds - the 'here and now' and the realm of Death - collide when Death stumbles into the world of the living.

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Both protagonists and audience are fully alive that we deal with an acted out story.

This is because human beings associate death with profound losses of their loved ones and even themselves.

Rarely do people use death in a funny and humorous way.

The card game for instance will not be played in a realistic way, but will express and symbolize the struggle for life and death.

In that respect the cards represent the weapons for that trial of strength.

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