Kindergarten Math Problem Solving

Teaching our Kindergarten students just the basic skills of computation and number sense takes So. This should not be an excuse to let problem solving slip through the cracks.If your district does not provide you with a yearly pacing guide, in which you are showed how to integrate basic skills with problem solving, then you and your team need to have a nice lunch at Panera during the summer and do so.Problem Solving with Story Boxes invites children to pose as well as solve problems.

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Kindergarten (and other grades too) should be all about the hands-on use of manipulatives and direct modeling.

The MOST important thing being able to directly model the action or relationship described in each word problem.

Invitations to Problem Solving with Story Boxes invites Kindergartens to be problem posers as well as problem solvers.

Guides features lessons plans, blacklines, instructions for preparing manipulatives, and assessment ideas.

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