Kindergarten Classroom Observation Essay Write 5 Paragraph Essay Book

Today was my first day observing the Pre-K class at Abingdon.When I first arrived the students were just returning from lunch. Mc Clellen quickly got the class to sit on the carpet to discuss some of the material they had covered earlier that morning.10/3/12 - Today I worked with more of the students on the letters in their names and on cutting out a square. A number of them wanted to hold the scissors upside down.Many of the students were not able to identify every letter that is in their name. It was very difficult for them to cut with their thumb up instead of down.I would scramble the individual letters and then the student would place the letter below the same letter on his or her name card.The student would then attempt to name each letter.Other students I had to show how to hold the scissors and explain that they should hold the paper with the hand that's not holding the scissors.I observed that their motor skills are still being developed and that cutting along a line is a difficult task for them.

Once they figured out how to hold the paper they tended to not have much more trouble. The letter of the day was "S" and so they had a story on spiders. Mc Clellen stopped to point out the words that rhyme and had the students say the words with her.Although some students instantly knew the answers, she repeated the questions until every student answered.Next, the students got play a game of "Show and Tell" using items that involved what they had learned that morning.She introduced me to the class and explained that I would be helping out for the next few weeks. Mc Clellen asked the students to tell me what they had been working on that morning.She had everything they had learned posted on the board in the front of the room.The object was a square and every student was able to tell me what shape it was.Some students could pick up the scissors and begin cutting without any instruction.The first activity I did with a student involved learning the letters in their name.Each child had a name card and seperate letters of their name.The others they guessed at and usually guessed letters they had hear often like "e" and "a".After working with some students on letters, I worked with a few students on cutting out objects.

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