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However, very general search terms (such as “cell” or “PCR”), which may make it difficult for a researcher to find your article amid many other hits and for a journal to select an appropriate editor and peer reviewers, should also be omitted from the keyword list.The same is true for abbreviations that may have multiple meanings (such as “PLC,” which could stand for “phospholipase C” or “peptide-loading complex”).By reading the abstract, you can decide whether your research will be furthered with a particular title.ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: a list of sources on a topic that is accompanied by a brief description of each entry.When you search a database, your results will include citations, and they will often also provide an abstract.By reading through the abstract, you can decide whether the information in the article is relevant to your research or if it takes an approach that might be related to your topic but does not help to develop your thesis.To facilitate online article searches, most journals require authors to select 4-8 keywords (or phrases) to accompany a manuscript.

Most readers will already be quite familiar with the concepts of water, comic books, and astronomy.

If your target journal does not exclude the use of keywords that are also employed in the title, you should seriously consider including this type of keyword.

In particular, key terms that are shared with your manuscript title and/or abstract can help to increase the visibility of your study in article searches due to the algorithm used by many search engines.

Unlike a regular bibliography, which merely provides a list of citations, an annotated bibliography describes how each source in the bibliography pertains to the subject being researched.

Generally, annotated bibliographies offer fewer than three sentences that describe each entry, explaining how the resource relates to the topic at hand.

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