Kenan Flagler Mba Essays One Side Can Be Wrong Essay

(150 words) Optional areas to address include: In general, we believe that the best use of the optional essay is to explain confusing or problematic issues in your candidacy, which this prompt allows, and which the inclusion of the illustrative bullet points seems to encourage.

So, if you need to, use this opportunity to address any questions the admissions committee might have about your profile.

Although the school does not ask you to lay out your background and explain how you reached this choice, providing some basic context for your goal is a good idea (just be succinct!

And although the word count has been slashed in half (from 300 to 150), the school’s optional essay still provides candidates with an outlet for explaining a problematic element of their profile or augmenting their application with potentially key information.

Our more in-depth analysis of Kenan-Flagler’s 2019–2020 essay questions follows.

Although “Think outside the box” has become a fairly tired cliché at this point, the metaphor’s central message is still valid and is a proven path to developing novel ideas and products. Kenan-Flagler appears to be acknowledging the flip side of promoting diversity, namely, defending diversity.

With this question, the school is interested in learning about your spirit of innovation. The admissions committee wants to know not only that you understand the benefits of being inclusive, but also that you understand the harm caused by unfairly excluding individuals.

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