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She will now be able to go out live out her dreams and establish herself, and will no longer be bound to a man or a household.

In this story Chopin showed how marriage acts merely as a border between women and their wants and desires.

The story takes place in the late 1800s, and at the residence of Louise Mallard.

Though the precise location is never revealed, the views of women and the prevalence of railroads suggest that the story occurred in the late nineteenth century.

The main character is Louise Mallard, a young woman who “was afflicted with a heart trouble” (Chopin par. Brently Mallard is Louise’s husband and is believed to have perished in a railroad accident.

Josephine is Louise’s sister and is the person that tells Louise about her husband’s death.

Richards is a friend of Brently and, as a worker at the newspaper office, is the first to hear of Brently’s death. Mallard learning from her sister that her husband died during a railroad disaster. Mallard locked herself in her room to contemplate what Brently’s death meant for her, and what her life would be like without him. Mallard had some time to herself, Josephine went to check on her.

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