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Marx developed the concept of historical materials though he never used this term.

Historical materialism is based on the idea, that the development changes of human society are caused by the changes of means to life.

Workers produce goods and services, but final result belongs to the owners of plants and factories.

For example intellectuals are not considered to be a single class any more, there are rather several classes included.Class consciousness presumes the ability of a social class to act in its own rational interests.The means of production include the means of labor and the subject of labor. They require labor power in order to produce something.Political economy became a study of ways humans organize material, distribute the products of activity.Marx defined exploitation as the main reason of social injustice.Marx indicates several social classes: the proletariat, the bourgeoisie, the landlords, the farmers and the peasantry and others.The proletariat is those individuals who sell their labor power, and therefore add value to the products, and who, in the capitalist mode of production, do not own the means of production (Marx, 145).The peasantry and farmers are a disorganized class, which is unable to change anything. According to Marx the proletariat, which consists of the industrial workers, is the only true productive class, which can develop economy and so rule the country.The main principles of Marx’ collective works are based on class consciousness, mode of production means of production, ideology, historical materialism, exploitation, political economy and some others.Marxism has had a great influence on the development of the contemporary society, and modern communism is based on its main principles.Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ theory is based on the of the Proletariat and Proletarian Internationalism.

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