Junior Cert Coursework Cell Phones In High School Essay

There are other Leaving Cert components to be marked as well, including oral and practical tests, along with project coursework.

Junior Cert Coursework-87Junior Cert Coursework-1

This year, the difficulty of the ordinary level maths paper elicited a lot of commentary, according to the SEC.

Photograph: Alan Betson Students getting their Leaving Cert results might not think too much about what happened to their exam scripts after they left the exam hall.

Their work was done, but a flurry of activity was to come for those involved in the marking process.

(60 marks allocated) Section B 5 questions - Students are to answer Question 1 (Food Science and Nutrition) and any other 2 questions (from the other Core Areas).

(180 marks allocated) Section C 3 questions - Students are to answer 1.

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