Jungle Upton Sinclair Essay

The despair and hopelessness that prevailed among the immigrants who worked as lower class workers is represented by an example of a huge family of 12 members.

Sinclair’s novel became very popular as it stressed on improving the conditions...

Following are ten basic truths identified from the reading of “The Jungle” by......?

Jurgis does not give up at this point; and instead he takes a very long time trying to look for a job.Besides, there is no disregard for workers’ safety in this region.Moreover, the immigrant community in Packingtown is exposed to corruption and crime, which extremely complicates life in the area.He is so frustrated that he decides to take up a job in a fertilizer plant that is close to his home. THE JUNGLE BY UPTON SINCLAIR Upton Sinclair, one of the most influential of his time, wrote the novel“The Jungle” in the year 1906.Sinclair’s main purpose in this novel was to explain and portray the life of the immigrants in the United States of America.The bitter realities hurt the reader but Sinclair had to state them as they existed.Even today, the understanding of these truths is equally important because the exploitation takes forms to suit contemporary conditions.The story portrays the life of a Lithuanian immigrant Jugris Rudkus and his family.This novel focuses on the hardships faced by the immigrant workers who come to America with dreams of better lives and very soon learn about the harsh reality. The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair The book “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair was written during a time when were engaging in a style of investigative journalism that was known as muckraking, where they highlighted and drew attention to social injustices that were taking place in America, especially in the fields of business and industry.At Packingtown, it was easier to adjust to life if one was conversant with English since it was the language that was used by most people (Bloom 37).From the tale, we learn that, Jurgis’ family members face extreme hardships as they try to settle in Packingtown permanently.

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