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He concluded that Freud’s theory was extroverted in its nature while Adler’s theory was introverted.

In his book Psychological Types, Jung attempted not only to find a compromise between the two theories but also define how his own view differed from Freud’s view and Adler’s view.

It was an attempt to find a compromise between two mainstream theories that existed at the time — one of these theories belonged to Sigmund Freud, and the other one belonged to Alfred Adler.

Carl Jung was the first to introduce the concepts of introversion and extroversion (also spelled as extraversion), although the modern usage of these two principles has deviated from his original definitions and intent.

There is tremendous tension and the world is, as it were, rediscovered through the inferior function.

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According to the theory of Jung personality types, the opposite of thinking is feeling, and the opposite of sensation is intuition.

Similarly, if your primary function is sensation, your auxiliary (secondary) functions are thinking and feeling, and your inferior function is intuition.

Same logic applies to personality attitudes — extroversion and introversion.

Although Carl Jung couldn’t have predicted the commercial use of his psychological types, he did leave us some warnings: Even in medical circles the opinion has got about that my method of treatment consists in fitting patients into this system and giving them corresponding “advice.” . He said: Although there are doubtless individuals whose type can be recognized at first glance, this is by no means always the case.

As a rule, only careful observation and weighing of the evidence permit a sure classification.

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