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Use of Stevie to deposit Verloc’s bomb has lead to a lot of unexpected outcome.It does not only lead to the breakdown of the family but also to the death of some of the main characters: Mr. It is quite ironic how Conrad uses situational irony not only to maintain the tone of the story but also to make it interesting.The man believes that it is out of good luck he has managed to meet Winnie and decides to move on with her.However, after discovering that Winnie had killed her husband, Ossipona not only plans to break up with her, but also to stop relating with women and opts to become a drunkard.In addition, irony helps to create more suspense and therefore, helps to capture the attention of the audience.Through out the whole story, is it is clear that trivial actions are causing unexpected results.‘The Secret Agent’ by Joseph Conrad is political novel which was set in London and published in the early twentieth century. Other characters that are important include the wife of Mr.Although the novel has got other themes, terrorism is among the most outstanding issues that have been discussed through out the whole story. Verloc, his mother in law as well as his brother in law who suffers from a mental condition.

It was unexpected that the action of the mother in law would lead to the death of his son, his son in law and eventually his daughter.This theme of isolation and alienation dominates Conrad’s novels and spans his work from the early sea tales to the political novels to what Conrad called his “romances.” Conrad’s “loners” are manifest everywhere in his work—Jim in . Conrad was among the first of the modern novelists to employ multiple narrators, or shifting points of view, as he does in .This emphasis on the alienated and isolated figure has had a considerable impact on the direction of the twentieth century novel, and Conrad’s influence may be discerned in such disparate writers as Stephen Crane, F. This technique enabled Conrad to make the probing analyses of characters and their motivations which are the hallmarks both of his work and of the work of so many others to follow.The story has been presented in various ways to capture the attention of the audience and to make it interesting.Situational irony has been greatly and this essay shall discuss the use of the same.More often than not, presence of a mother in law in the house causes not only conflicts but may also lead to a family breakup.It was expected that the presence of Winnie’s mother in Mr. Nevertheless, the actions of the Winnie’s mother had far many severe consequences because due to Mr.For instance, in the German / Australian Embassy in the introductory part, things turn out opposite of what was initially expected.The councilor states that “We are not very satisfied with the attitude of the police here” (Conrad pp. Councilor Wurmt starts by doubting the vigilance of the policemen from England but latter came to the realization that they were by far more vigilant than his initial expectations.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. In the late twentieth century, Joseph Conrad (3 December 1857 – 3 August 1924) enjoyed an extraordinary renaissance in readership and in critical attention.

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