John Edgar Wideman Our Time Essay

Using an unconventional style of writing, Wideman expresses Robby's thoughts as if they were coming out of his own mouth. Such words are commonly used among teenagers and young adults, so when reading them, one can in-vision what they are saying. Such language as "nigger" might offend many that read this story.

"Snowing and the hawk kicking my ass but I got to have it . Many racial remarks addressing blacks are made throughout the essay as well. Our Time relates to a wide audience, but I feel that a definite age and race make up Wideman's main audience.

Wideman's style of writing and language used allows the reader to visualize the experiences Robby went through, and feel the pain he felt.

John Edgar Wideman (born June 14, 1941) is an American author of novels, memoirs, short stories, essays, and other works.

The purpose of this essay, to me, is to counteract the assumptions that seems to be the foundation of the world we live in today; to bring to light different perspectives that the human mind naturally becomes lazy to think about, and to stop the automatic status quo that has, and always will be, a vicious cycle.

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Wideman's writing style is very detailed and descriptive. Thirty dollars buy us two spoons" (237) illustrates the "street language" Wideman uses in addressing a younger audience. Wind up killing some innocent person or Vinson 2 wasting another nigger" (206), relates to the black audience who might read this essay.According to Wideman, the encounter left him feeling that he had "no place to hide", I was running away from Pittsburgh, from poverty, from blackness.To get ahead, to make something of myself, college had seemed a logical, necessary step; my exile, my flight from home began with good grades, with good English, with setting myself apart long before I'd earned a scholarship and a train ticket over the mountains to Philadelphia…if I ever had any hesitations or reconsiderations about the path I'd chosen, youall were back home in the ghetto to remind me how lucky I was.Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wideman excelled as a student athlete at the University of Pennsylvania.In 1963, he became the second African American to win a Rhodes Scholarship to attend the University of Oxford.The reader is really able to get a sense of imagery before getting to judge the motives of a person whom they do not know in the least.The background of this life they lead really aided in the understanding of the stance each character holds.“Our Time” By John Edgar Wideman is an extensive essay capturing the essence of what it means to take a walk in somebody else’s shoes.His style purposely covers every kind of perspective from all of the people involved; this is what made this story so interesting to me.Wideman's father, Edgar, graduated high school in Pittsburgh, where he was an avid basketball player. During World War II, Wideman's father enlisted in the U. Army and was stationed in Charleston, South Carolina, and on Saipan.After marrying Wideman's mother, Bette, he moved with her to Washington, D. After the War, he had difficulty securing employment commensurate with his skills, and worked several jobs simultaneously, including as a waiter and sanitation worker, in order to support the family.

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