Jim Elliot Essay

S Eliot endures because it engages us with a single, resonant voice.” What is your personal response to the prescribed text in light of the above statement and listening stimulus provided on Enable?

Your response should focus on 3-4 poems set for the study. S Eliot’s collection of work, I did not understand Eliot’s intent or purpose.

Conrad Aiken, an American poet, writer, and playwright connotes that “Mr.

The vision of the “white horse [galloping] away,” fills me with a sense of immediacy and relief, knowing that the birth of Christ has averted the Apocalypse.

In particular, I was able to resonate with Eliot’s personas across various poems including Eliot, one of the most preeminent literary figure of the Modernist era, attempted to capture the zeitgeist of the early 20th century though the fragmentation of textual form, experimentation and subversion of traditional mediums.

His poems, set in the Modernist period, was characterised by the shell-shocked horror of the Great War, unexpected breaks with traditional ways and the disillusion of faith and religion in the context of a new world full of industrial mechanisation.

The vision of a death filled ‘valley,’ alerts me to the contextual representation of the loss of faith in humanity The break between Birth/ Death captures a sudden suspension of the familiar.

For the Magi, he must acknowledge that ‘birth’ and ‘death’ of Christ is the beginning point of a Christian world, juxtaposed against the darkness of the ancient world.

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