Jean Chretien Essay

Ever since then, Canada has regularly participated in peacekeeping missions all around the world, being one of the few countries that have been paying its financial obligations to the United Nations on time and in full.[1] Given the Canadian traditions and leading role in peacekeeping, it becomes intriguing to investigate the reasons as to why Canada could not positively influence the performance of the UNPROFOR in the former Yugoslavia.

Why did Canada seem impotent to improve the work of the UNPROFOR?

The period during which the UNPROFOR was in operation—February 1992-March 1995—coincided with a time of political change for Canada: after two consecutive terms in office, the Conservative Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, was replaced by the Liberal Jean Chrétien.

This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree.She works at the Marcia Blaine School for Girls and is dedicated to “her girls” also known as the “Brodie set”. If I were to receive a proposal of marriage tomorrow from the Lord Lyon King-of-Arms I would decline it. The use of the phrase “vocation” implies that Miss Brodie sees the girls as her priority or her purpose in life.Throughout the novel Miss Brodie encourages the girls to make their own choices on how they want to live their life and learn.She oversees a specific group of girls named the Brodie set. In The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Spark uses characterization to depict the powerful influence an individual can have over multiple individuals, whether it be morally right or wrong.The characterization of Miss Jean Brodie impacts the plot of the novel substantially due to the fact she is a central character in the novel.The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie novel takes place during the 1930’s.The somewhat borderline protagonist, Miss Jean Brodie is an educator who teaches at the all girls and against the mandatory curriculum.Is this Canadian inability related to domestic and/or international political factors?Could Canada implement a different approach towards the UNPROFOR—one that could have prevented the atrocities and at the same time satisfied the international legal standards for intervention of the period?Pearson, resolved the conflict by establishing the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), the first armed peacekeeping mission in the history of the United Nations.This courageous act later granted Pearson a Nobel Peace Prize for the inspiration and the courage that he demonstrated.

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