Jcq Lost Coursework Form Survey Research Proposal

The awarding bodies will ensure that all parts of the script have been marked and that the totalling and recording of marks is correct.

Candidates’ grades/uniform mark score (UMS) can go up or down.

Special consideration is if you were ill and couldnt perform properly in your exam for instance they would look at your marks and often add 4% to them but you have to apply at time of exam.Exam boards will not replace lost certificates with further original copies (exceptional circumstances will be considered).Only damaged or destroyed certificates will be replaced and, in these circumstances, the originals must be returned or evidence provided that they have been destroyed (e.g. Candidates who have lost certificates may apply for a “Certified statement of results” from the relevant awarding body for their own use or request that a confirmation of results be sent to external bodies (employers, etc.).If you missed exam cos of parents death ect for eg then they can sometimes take your predicted grade into consideration, your mock or last exam grades or make you resit with a modified paper at a later date.this literally took me 2 seconds to google, from the AQA website: "Special consideration When students are disadvantaged during their exams we can sometimes make mark adjustments as part of a process called special consideration. Special consideration can be applied when:a student is fully prepared for the exam but is disadvantaged due to illness or unavoidable circumstances beyond their control at the time of the exam or when they complete their coursework/controlled assessmentin these cases, a small percentage is added to the raw mark.Important notes If a student thinks they may be eligible for special consideration they should discuss this with the exams officer at the school or college.The school or college must support an application for special consideration.If you have lost or misplaced your Exam Certificates, you will need to apply to the relevant exam boards for replacements.Unfortunately, the school does not hold duplicate copies.Details may be found on the exam boards’ websites at the following links: AQA EDEXCEL https:// WJEC Summer 2019 Review of Results Form Summer 2019 BTEC Review of Results Form November 2019 - Resit Form Admissions Test Entry Form 2019 2019-2020 Entry Form NEA Appeal Form 2020 November 2019 - Review of Results Form STEP Entry Form 2020Outside of these hours, Exam Results will be available from the Exams Office situated in the North building.

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