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And finally, what makes this theory This may be hard to swallow as of yet, but the examination continues.A popular conflicting belief is called the “Big Man Theory,” in which they state that history is driven and decided by a few “Big Men” with big ideas.However I cannot help but feel that the development of mankind is greater than mere geographic happenstance. Diamond spent at least 20 years in New Guinea studying. Europeans came to New Guinea because they had a larger population which allowed them to develop "civilization" first. Europeans and Asians developed civilization earlier because their ancestors were lucky enough to be living in a place where there were more crops to grow.While there a politician named Yali asked him why Europeans had more "cargo", modern trade, then the natives of New Guinea. It is filled with interesting theories, insightful observations, and a great overview of the last 20,000 years of human history. Diamond's final answer after over 400 pages of text - dumb luck, is very unsatisfying. In the "Fertile Belt", a land region roughly occupying modern Turkey, Mr.Furthermore, “Big Men” only stay in power if they are working in the best interest of the state.

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(For example, the Europeans used the Chinese invention of gunpowder to create guns and subjugate the New World.) Diamond's book is complex and a bit overwhelming.However, I believe the impact of culture, religion and weltanschauuing — one's world view — play a larger role than is given credit for. The more resources a group of people have, the easier, and quicker, they will grow.is certainly an intriguing book, and is not without its strengths. On the other hand, the more barren a land, the slower the growth of any people found living there.Surely Columbus was part of history, but wouldn’t the Americas be discovered eventually anyway?Here lies the logical fallacy of the “Big Man Theory.” It is impossible to go back in time and find out how history would be different without certain individuals, but is it not true that someone probably would have filled the vacuum had Columbus been killed before his journey?Unfortunately, the author overplays his hand in several ways.This book explicitly aims to repudiate western civilization's claim to superiority.But the thesis he methodically puts forth — examining the "positive feedback loop" of farming, then domestication, then population density, then innovation, and on and on — makes sense.The basic premise of this book is that the global dominance of Western societies can be traced to geographic advantages at its roots, rather than to biological or social superiority.And so, the historical geocentrics, and Jared Diamond is one of many, have come to believe that the great men do make choices, and that great men do take power, but that there are great men in every culture, just waiting to be recognized and have their views expressed such that when a slot becomes open there is always someone to fill it.Each culture produces its own amount of “slots” available for big-manship, so the frequency of radical change, as often occurs with a “Big Man” in power, is directly influenced by geography.

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