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Such correlation may occur 1) when changes in the dependent variable change the value of at least one of the covariates ("reverse" causation), 2) when there are omitted variables that affect both the dependent and independent variables, or 3) when the covariates are subject to non-random measurement error.Explanatory variables which suffer from one or more of these issues in the context of a regression are sometimes referred to as endogenous.A valid instrument induces changes in the explanatory variable but has no independent effect on the dependent variable, allowing a researcher to uncover the causal effect of the explanatory variable on the dependent variable.

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In linear models, there are two main requirements for using IVs: The concept of instrumental variables was first derived by Philip G.

The export-dependent economy has been hit by the recent slowdown in global demand, while medium-term growth is expected to fall due to low productivity growth and adverse demographics.

External imbalances remain large, partly reflecting rising top income inequality, macro-financial vulnerabilities are rising, and the financial sector continues to suffer from weak profitability.

Of course, IV techniques have been developed among a much broader class of non-linear models. If there are additional covariates W then the above definitions are modified so that Z qualifies as an instrument if the given criteria hold conditional on W.

General definitions of instrumental variables, using counterfactual and graphical formalism, were given by Pearl (2000; p. The essence of Pearl's definition is: These conditions do not rely on specific functional form of the equations and are applicable therefore to nonlinear equations, where U can be non-additive (see Non-parametric analysis).

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