Irb Research Proposal

The CITI training for IRB researchers is meant to introduce researchers to the ideas and principles of ethical research involving human participants and the IRB process.

To access the courses, follow this link to the CITI program website and the following directions.

All human subjects research connected with members of the Smith College community (either as researchers or study participants) must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to the initiation of the project.

The Smith College IRB defines research as a systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.

Proposals approved under full review must be renewed annually.

Exempt review (depends on proximity of submission to meeting date) Research that targets vulnerable subjects or involves more than minimal risk to participants must be reviewed by the full committee.A human subject is a living individual about whom you obtain: For help with determining if IRB review is required for your project, please use the Pre-Proposal Diagnostic Survey in the Mentor IRB system.This should be used if you are at all unsure if your project requires IRB review or not.If at any time you wish to make any change to the research procedures you originally submitted to the IRB, you must submit a change of protocol (COP) request through Mentor IRB.You must wait for IRB approval for the change of protocol request before initiating the changes.If you wish to conduct a research study at Smith College that has been approved by another institution (primary IRB), you must also receive approval from the Smith College IRB.The review performed by the primary IRB must meet the human subject protection requirements of the Smith IRB.Step 1: Register as a user affiliated with Smith College.All Investigators and key personnel who are engaged in research with living human beings, human tissue samples or identifiable private information, are required to take the CITI Training Program.The full committee meets monthly during the academic year.The meeting schedule and submission deadlines are listed on the home page.

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