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Before you can assign unique ringtones to contacts, you'll need contacts added to your address book and a few ringtones.The i Phone comes loaded with a couple of dozen ringtones — and you can add your own.The i Phone uses the same ringtone for every contact and incoming call by default unless you change it.If you only want to use a single ringtone for all calls, you can change the default ringtone if you want.Apple's restrictions mean that you still have to sync your i Phone with i Tunes.Apple hasn't made the process easy because it wants to sell you a ringtone from the i Tunes store on your phone.

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I am in the middle of Brave New World and hope to have it finished by Friday.

With how easy it is to make ringtones for the i Phone, it also provides a great way to differentiate inbound calls from the common ringtones you hear elsewhere too.

Assigning a completely unique tone to each contact is generally too time consuming, but a happy medium is setting unique tones to people on your favorites lists.

If the song isn't in your library, you can import any MP3 or AAC file into i Tunes, and I find it effective to use the Voice Memos app on my i Phone to record real-world sounds or people's voices to turn into ringtones.

Launch i Tunes by double-clicking its shortcut or by finding it in the Start menu.

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