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There will be change on fonts consumer bimodality will stamp the industry.

Some consumers will still be segment while some will call for a change that is radical in the model of business.

Video available in the internet are mostly in the same format as which what is available in the digital cable or in the satellite.

Also commonly referred as the MPEG2, this is also the system used on the DVDs.

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In addition to the threat of violence setting among children and young adolescents, media has impact on young people through the images and popularization of sex and drug use.Questions continued to be asked whether the viewers are avoiding the commercial by application (using) video on demand and through you tube.People are wandering weather the television industry will manage to survive, given that it is slowly loosing out traditional method of generating income through giving out trillion of the viewers time to the products advisers.With the computer connected to the other network your internet provider will allow you to have unlimited web sites.These days all the information is in the form of a data.Life has become so fast that it has made things very complex;now those things are preferred which are convenient and fasthence all these things have dented the......Television and Why It Is the Way It Is Television is a complex technology, although it doesn’t necessary seem so on the face of it.Families sat discussed their everyday issues, watched television and a strong family bond developed.Today, things are not the same anymore, since more devices and gadgets have hit the market there has been immense saturation which has reduced the popularity of televisions in the market.The way we are currently watching television is going to be reshaped with new technologies that are to be implanted.Therefore its future lies on itself and does not solely rely on the net.

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