Introduction Television Essay

Questions continued to be asked whether the viewers are avoiding the commercial by application (using) video on demand and through you tube.People are wandering weather the television industry will manage to survive, given that it is slowly loosing out traditional method of generating income through giving out trillion of the viewers time to the products advisers.In addition to the threat of violence perception through the media, excessive Internet use also might result in some negative consequences, including: cyber bullying, sexualization of children, dependence, and other harm to psychological function (Impact of Media on children 43).In addition to the threat of violence setting among children and young adolescents, media has impact on young people through the images and popularization of sex and drug use.When there is a chance to have two connections into your home.

People need to not only accept the change in technology but they also need to embrace.Each of the commentators look at television, and the reason why television is the way that it is, in a different way.Williams looks at television in a broad sense, looking at the social......a conflict (Introduction to Media Violence, n.p.).Families sat discussed their everyday issues, watched television and a strong family bond developed.Today, things are not the same anymore, since more devices and gadgets have hit the market there has been immense saturation which has reduced the popularity of televisions in the market.With the computer connected to the other network your internet provider will allow you to have unlimited web sites.These days all the information is in the form of a data.Despite offering sharper, brighter and clearer pictures it also has good sound. It must be capable of showing pictures as either 720 or 1080 lines which are vertical.The programs will need to be need aired inform of a HD.This one available on the net is usually of good quality. The Future of Television Television is a box that was initially the only source of entertainmentfor people.People looked forward to spending time with their families and there was mutual interest involved.

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