Introduction For Water Pollution Essay

Droughts become more frequent, and centers of ecological disasters appear.

In addition, fresh water which returns to the ocean and other water bodies from land is often polluted, practically unsuitable for drinking.

A high level of mercury is observed in industrial effluents, lakes, and rivers.

Passing through the organisms of bacteria, the toxic substances become even more harmful.

If the climate did not change, the rivers would not dry and the level in the lakes would not be lowered.

They were found in the waters leaked from mines and dumps of scrap metal, and also from natural bogs.

Write in a “Problems of water pollution” essay that lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic metals also can accumulate in the water environment.

With a prolonged, gradual increase in the dose, the same damage is caused as when receiving a single large dose.

The tissues of living organisms consist of 70% water. But 97% is the salt water of the oceans and seas, and only 3% is fresh water.

Three-quarters of this 3% are almost inaccessible to living organisms since this water is "conserved" in glaciers of mountains and polar zones. As for the water available to living organisms, the bulk is in their tissues.

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